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Printer Setup

Printer Setup includes minimal steps to compete the printer functions from unpacking of the printer to accomplish the final stage of printer device to print the files from HP Printer device.

Driver Installation

Based on the compatible OS, you must have to choose the full feature of the printer driver to maximize the existing features for keeping the printer device up to date.

wireless Setup

Wireless Setup comforts the user by saving their time and energy for printing the files remotely by connecting the HP Printer device and other smart devices to the same active network.


During printing and other works from HP Printer device, some interrupt occurs to halt the device, just explore the issues quickly by reaching our nerds to seek the instant solution.

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Toll Free: 1 731 462 0035

Toll Free: 1 731 462 0035

123.hp.com printer services

123 HP Envy 7120 Unboxing and Setting up

To unbox and set up the HP Envy Photo 7120 printer device, you will have to follow the below set of simple steps.

  • Remove all the tapes to open the printer box.
  • Now detach all the accessories and the printer set from the opened box.
  • On detaching you will notice some papers and a CD with your printer set. The booklet is the user guide of your 123.hp.com/envy7120 printer device and the CD contains the required software that is to be installed in your HP Envy Photo 7120 printer device.
  • Now remove any tape, plastic or other packaging materials that are on or inside the printer, scanner, input tray and control panel.
  • Once removed, Plug the power cord into the printer and the wall outlet.
  • Power ON the HP Envy Photo 7120 printer device.
  • Select the language and Tap OK. Select your country/region and Tap OK.
  • Next you will receive a prompt telling you to insert the cartridges. Install them into the printer and press OK.
  • Now pull out the input tray and load required papers into the printer.
  • The printer will print out an alignment page.
  • Now place the alignment page from the printer on the scanner and close the scanner lid firmly.
  • Select OK to continue.
  • Once the alignment has finished scanning, an Alignment Successful message will appear, click OK to continue.
  • Now it starts to print.

123 HP Envy 7120 Wireless Setup

HP Envy 7120 Wireless Setup Wizard

Follow the instructions for the use of Wireless Setup Wizard;

  • Wireless Setup Wizard to be accessed from the HP Envy 7120 printer’s control panel by swiping through the wireless options on the touch panel.
  • Get into the Network menu of the control panel and go to the settings, settings options contains the wireless setup wizard which make available of network list available in the area.
  • Your network name to be searched from the network list and selected to make the connections of the wireless network to the printer device.
  • Network name of yours may be unavailable and in those cases manual search of network name can be made with the complete case characters provided in the respective fields with appropriate passwords to connect.
  • Complete the printer wireless network connections by entering the WEP or WPA passphrases without change in the Upper and lower case characters, printer should be connected to the network and to check the wireless network get the test pages printed to have a successful setup.

HP Envy 7120 Wireless Printer Setup

To complete the Wireless Printer Setup kindly follow the below mentioned guides;

  • Wireless Printer setup is forwarded with the network name and passwords attained and necessary requirements are made available in a ready state to carry out functions.
  • Obtain a Router device that produces a frequency appropriate for the HP Envy 7120 printer device to connect with the wireless network.
  • Operate the computer device for the printer driver software installation, any forms of installation ways can be carried out either through driver software CD provided with the printer device or download the apt software from the official website( 123.hp.com ).
  • Computer downloads folder to be searched for the downloaded file and get that software installed on your device with compete carry out of installer guides present on the screen.
  • Installation is made with all the cables removed and at the end of installation choose the mode of connection as wireless from the installer screen.

HP Envy 7120 Auto Wireless Connect

To make Auto Wireless connect options, follow the below mentioned guides;

  • HP Auto Wireless Connect feature allows you to connect the printer to the computer without the cables and the traditional way of connecting through passphrases and network names added.
  • Enable the Auto Wireless connect on your 123.hp.com/setup 7120 printer device by installing the printer software on your Windows or MAC computer device and go for the steps as per the installer guides displays on the screen.
  • Usual methods of printer software installation are made as your desire, printer box comes with the printer software CD which can be utilized for the installation or directly downloads the printer software from the official website.
  • During the installation the cables connected to the printer device should be removed and Network connection type should be chosen, HP software prompts to be followed and setup completed.
  • HP Auto Wireless Connect is preferred at the software installation procedure, complete them with keen follow instructions and enjoy the services.

HP Envy 7120 USB Setup

Follow the guides to have a successful USB setup on your printer device;

  • Contents present in 123.hp.com/envy7120 printer box to be checked for the USB cables, obtain the cables and keep the geared up with the printer connections and computer for USB setup.
  • USB setup is the general modes of connection and the printer setup is completed with the installation of printer driver software with USB setup made.
  • Execute the software installation on your Windows or MAC computer with the available printer driver CD which you have got with the printer contents or with straightforward way downloading from website get the software.
  • Forward the USB setup with the successful installation on your computer with the complete guidance provided by the installer through simple prompts on the screen.
  • Only during the system prompt the USB cables to be connected between the printer device and the computer.
  • Make the USB connections and choose the connection type when the system requires you to make the choice.
Get Technical Support and Setup Printer Properly by Dialling
Toll Free: 1 731 462 0035

Toll Free: 1 731 462 0035

123.hp.com printer services
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123 HP Envy 7120 Wireless Application Setup

123 HP Envy 7120 Cloud Print Setup

  • Inspect the connections of wireless network and the requirements that facilitate the cloud print setup on your computer device.
  • Keep the printer setup completed with papers load and ink cartridge installation is made, check the network connection as the computer or Chrome book you hold must be connected to the same network.
  • Your computer to be installed with Chrome browser and provisions of Google account created and signed in on the computer.
  • Get access to the Google print services from the menu; register your HP Envy 7120 printer device on the cloud print services by adding the printer on the new devices section.
  • After the registration confirm the action on the printer control panel by following the instruction, get the information details to get the prints out.

123 HP Envy 7120 ePrint Setup

  • Acquire ePrint options present on 123.hp.com/setup 7120 printer device control panel; attain an active network connection of wired or wireless type connected to the printer.
  • To activate the ePrint options turn ON the web services from your printer or embedded web servers to be reached for the access of web connecting printing services over the internet.
  • HP ePrint button on the printer control panel to be selected and navigated to the web services menu under the wireless settings.
  • ePrint functions to be enabled after the prompt to turn the web services, click the print info button after the ePrint functions turns to get the information about the email address displayed on the printer control panel.

123 HP Envy 7120 Airprint Setup

  • Get hold of the Airprint setup requirements with 123.hp.com/setup envy7120 printer device switched ON and the compatibility of Apple devices checked.
  • Applications on the Apple device must use the Airprint functions also make sure the device has got an active internet connection provided wireless modes of connection.
  • Latest printer firmware to be installed on your computer, upgrade and use the printer firmware for the successful Airprint function.
  • After the printer software installation go to the printing of documents or photos through Airprint, open the desired file to be printed and click the print option from the file menu.
  • Your printer name should be selected from the print menu and print settings shall be adjusted as per the user wish for optimized prints.
123 HP Envy 7120 Features Setup

HP Envy 7120 Print Setup

  • HP Envy 7120 printer setup must be completed with an adequate amount of paper loaded into the printer input tray and ink cartridges installed successful with complete tips provided on the board.
  • Make the loads with adjustment in the Paper width guides and complete the printer setup with the close of paper tray.
  • Complete the devices connections and open the documents or photos to be printed on your computer device which is installed with appropriate printer software.
  • Complete the print functions by clicking the print option present within the file menu of the application you use, from the print menu make the paper align and the layout settings as per your choice for the prints.
  • After the changes click the print button to get the desired print jobs completed.

HP Envy 7120 Copy Setup

  • Arrange the requirements and manage those for carrying out the copy setup of your 123.hp.com/envy7120 printer device.
  • Load the plain paper into the printer input tray, switch the printer device with accurate power connections and move to the place of original print side up into the document feeder or original print side down on the printer scanner glass bed.
  • Printer home screen has the copy options selected for the copying of placed documents on the scanner bed.
  • Copy options to be chosen as per your wish, choose the amount of darkness the copy documents to be printed and print types also to be selected.
  • Layout option, Resize settings to be modified and after making the changes, select copy to enjoy the copy setup.

HP Envy 7120 Scan Setup

  • Documents to be scanned must be obtained and preceded with the inspection of printer setup with necessary paper loads and ink cartridges are installed on your 123 hp envy7120 printer device.
  • Original documents or photos to be scanned must be placed on the scanner glass, make sure the scanner glass is out of smudges and tapes.
  • Make the placements of the documents correctly on the scanner bed and get your hands on the printer control panel for the scan option, click the scan option and follow with the display screen instructions.
  • Ensure the vital printer software and drivers installed on your computer and add your computer with add of scan job type.
  • Scanned output shall be previewed with the edit of scan done and output is received with the save in the settings.

123 HP Envy 7120 Duplex Printing

  • The input tray of HP Envy 7120 printer must be loaded with sufficient plain papers for prevent of ordering issues. Carry out correctly the installation of printer driver software with the assist of Duplex printing in the printing options available.
  • Print option to be opted under the file menu of the file to be printed as a Duplex print, decide on the printer name of yours available from the printer name list. Choose the modified option and other print options to make specific tasks from the print menu.
  • Choose the print on both sides option from the print settings and complete the print easily. Follow as per the instructions and complete the duplex printing.

123 HP Envy 7120 Wireless not Printing Problem

  • HP Envy 7120 printer device and all other devices like computer and router to be restarted, check the network connected between the printer and Router.
  • Ensure the feasibility of the Router device you use with accurate number in the bandwidth for the printer’s wireless connection.
  • Try printing a wireless network test page form the printer’s control panel and get to know the issues associated with the printer.
  • Temporary block in the printer firewall might get back the connection in the network as the firewall stopped the system from connecting the wireless network.
  • Follow the guides provided in resolving the issues and carry out prints through the wireless functions.

123 HP Envy 7120 Won’t Copy or Scan

  • installed section, update the printer firmware if the upgrade is necessary.
  • Keep the power cords detached and printer powered off for few seconds, and then reconnect the cables and printer device powered ON.
  • Printer driver software installed must be removed and inspected for the accurate compatibility qualities and reinstalled with apt software downloaded from the official website( 123.hp.com ).
  • Exterminating the printer cables when the printer is on power makes the printer device to have power reset which helps in regaining the access.

123 HP Envy 7120 Ink Cartridge Problem

  • Turn off the printer power and play with the carriage access door of 123.hp.com/setup 7120 printer device to inspect the ink cartridges installed.
  • The cartridge access door to be handled only when the printer device is silent without any noises, doors to be lifted gently and cartridges to be played nice.
  • Cartridges to be pushed down and pulled towards you for the removal of cartridge from the slot.
  • Keep an eye on the cartridge as it shouldn’t contain any tapes and plastic materials covered.

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